At ESquare Learning Solutions we believe that every individual is different and has multiple capabilities. We respect this individuality which makes each of our employees a unique resource towards achieving his team goals as well as the company goals. So, if you are the one who believes that thinking out of the box is what makes miracles, you are welcome to join our workforce.

We work in multiple domains for our clients – Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Mobiles and Social networking to name a few. This obviously opens up a world of seamless opportunities and new learning for our workforce. We therefore seek individuals with passion and deep commitment who are open to new learning.

Culture :

ESquare Learning Solutions has an open and transparent culture. While we cannot be bucketed into distinct personalities, we exhibit several behavioral traits that are common. We treat each other with respect, are eager to help, love our clients, are honest, accountable, work hard, and pride ourselves in achieving excellence.

Here's how ESquare Learning Solutions is described by our employee- "I do not view ESquare Learning as my job; it is just another sweet part of my daily living. It is a kind of work environment that is unique and perhaps more valuable than any other 'perks' that a job could offer."

At ESquare Learning, we feel excited to come to work every day. Despite the tight working schedules, we take out time to rejuvenate ourselves through various cultural and fun activities. Sharing the fun moments together makes us a very good team. It adds a sense of belongingness.

This is why for us, ESquare Learning Solutions is a home away from home. Our ideas matter at ESquare Learning Solutions. We don't do stereo type events, where management declares an event and employees follow. We create our own events. So, the events are truly our events, from their concepts to the celebration.

Diversity & Inclusion :

"We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color."

At ESquare Learning SOlutions, we embrace diversity in culture, backgrounds, ethnicities and more importantly thought. We respect each other's ideas and work towards our common goal.

Apply :

We're looking for skilled, energetic, experienced professionals who aren't afraid to take risks or to drive change. If that describes you, come join our team. And be a part of the next big thing.

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